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As they lead Brighton’s music scene into the heavens, The Dryas are becoming a band to watch out for. With beautiful guitar licks and wonderful vocals, it’s no wonder why they are catching the eyes of the masses

The three piece have always been known for their euphoric sound, but this new track is just simply one to admire. The combination of deeper meanings on relationships, indie-pop feels and stunning vocals can only allow this writer to be slowly falling in love with this new music and their future projects.

Consisting of Hudd Hunter-Smith, Luke Cowie and Conor Tagg, the band began their journey in 2020. As many readers will know, the multiple lockdowns had us feeling blue, but The Dryas felt it was the right time to produce their music and show the world the talent within.

Although originally hailing from Kent, the trio have made Brighton their home and allowed their own separate projects they had been doing to be put on hold as this band kicked off. With their debut releases being such a success, it’s clear to see how ‘Run’ will be another banger for the band.

The Dryas are going from strength to strength. There’s no doubt about that one. With catchy tunes being created and a consistent level of releasing music that listeners are dying for, this is the perfect time to become a fan of The Dryas. They’re on another level, which is why they are a band to remember.

Listen to ‘Run’ here: