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The Great Escape adds yet more incredible talent to the already impressive line-up, including VLURE, Orchards, and The Native

The Great Escape continues its dominance over the musical calendar with it’s eye watering line-up that continues to grow with each announcement. The latest wave of acts, which totals 140 new artists added to the bill includes Brighton math-indie rock outfit Orchards, Plymouth’s indie sweethearts The Native, Scotlands industrial dance inspired sounds of VLURE, and many more. They join over 250 already announced artists for the festival as well as countless guest speakers and conferences.

Across the 3 day festival you can expect to hear the best in emerging, upcoming, and streaming established acts. Giving you a real taste and feel for the exciting new music that is forever thriving in the UK and beyond. This is an opportunity to be in the very heartbeat of the music industry and to catch some unforgettable performances.

Spanning 35+ walkable venues throughout the city and boasting a 3-day conference featuring big music industry names, The Great Escape will take place from 10-13 May 2023. Tickets for The Great Escape festival start from £40 for a day ticket and £105 for the weekend which are on sale here

The full 140 acts added to the line-up

Abigail Asante                    Jasmine Jethwa                 Rose Gray 

Acid Klaus                           Jazmin Bean                      RVG 

ADMT                                   Jessie Marcella                 Saloni 

AE                                          Jo Hill                                    Signature Gold 

Alana Maria                        Juice Menace                     Songer 

Albertine Sarges               Junodream                          Sophie Faith 

Animal Shithouse             Katie Phelan                       Sophie Jamieson 

Anna B Savage                 KIDS                                      Sötnos 

Astles                                    Lael Neale                           Spielmann 

Baby Cool                            Lip Filler                               Sprints 

Becky Sikasa                     Lost Girl                               Spyres 

Bedroom High Club         Lucky Iris                             St Lundi  

Benefits                                Luke RV                               SUDS 

Benny Atlas                        LVRA                                    Surya Sen 

Berry Galazka                    Mac Wetha                          System Olympia 

Bingo Fury                           Mace the Great                 Tay Iwar 

Boyish                                   Marina Herlop                    TENN 

Bricknasty                            May                                        The Broken Islands 

Butch Kassidy                    McKinley Dixon                 The Dimpker Brothers 

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Memphis LK                                   The Foxies 

CATBEAR                           MF Tomlinson                    The Goa Express 

Charlotte Plank                 Midnight Rodeo                 The Joy  

Coach Party                       Minas                                    The Kairos 

Cole Bleu                             Minor Conflict                     The Luka State 

CRASHFACE                     Modern Woman                 The Native 

David GotSound               modernlove.                        The Pretenders 

DEADLETTER                   MOON MATES                  The Rubens 

Debby Friday                     Moonchild Sanelly            The Scorpios 

Delilah Holliday                 NAYANA IZ                         The Umlauts 

Dirtsharks                            Nice Biscuit                         Thumpasaurus 

Donna Thompson             Núria Graham                    Toni Sancho 

Ebi Soda                              Odreii                                    TRAAMS 

Edie Bens                            OMBIGIIZI                           Trout 

eee gee                                Orchards                              TTRRUUCES 

Ella More                             OROVEGA                          Valencia Grace 

Ellie Moon                           PABST                                 VLURE 

Elmiene                                Pacific Avenue                   Voya 

Emiko                                    Pale Blue Eyes                  Wallgrin 

Fari Chiketa                        PEACH                                 Wax Works 

Flip Top Head                    Petite Noir                           Whammyboy 

Freak Slug                           Picture Parlour                   White Flowers 

Future Utopia                     Polite Bureaux                   Whitelands 

Gena Rose Bruce             Problem Patterns              WREX 

GIRLSofGRIME                 Proteins of Magic             YOHVN BLVCK 

Hanya   Public Body         Yonaka 

HMD                                      rainbow frog biscuits         

Holiday Ghosts                  Rauchen