By AJ Salisbury

Brisbane, Australia’s, Torpid, ‘For Your Health’ is a laid back, electro-esque, post-punk cut, delving into the dark world of mental health and a solid debut single. There are shades of Metronomy, Killers, early-IDLES and even a little hint of Sleaford Mod’s latest single ‘O.B.C.T.’ stuffed into this track.

Steady bass, atmospheric synths, jangly guitars and pinpoint drums form the base of this song, all forming the perfect underlay to the spacey and “out-there” vocals of a man considering suicide and trying to convince a loved one to join him on his trip.

Lyrically the song has a great flow, really delving into the confusing and harsh reality of mental health and how it can cloud someone’s perception of reality. With it being summed up perfectly during the chorus ‘Hey, babe, I wanna kill myself But they say, it isn’t good for your health’.

If Torpid can maintain this level of output they could very quickly be turning heads and creating new fans with every show and release they made. Well worth your time.

Listen to ‘For Your Health’ here: