By Luigi Sibona

Hot off the back of their blinding sophomore record, ‘Crown Shyness’, Trash Boat brought their infectious blend of skate punk and melodic hardcore to the smallest venue they’ll be playing any time soon. With their mainstage performance at this year’s Reading and Leeds festival, this is a band set for big things. So seeing them in as intimate a venue as The Fighting Cocks was an experience to drink in. And drink in the experience you could, with every wall, ceiling and raging body being drenched in sweat.

Pulling out so much new material for a live show takes mad confidence, but they prove to us they have it by the boatload. Singles like ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Shade’ eclipse anything off the debut and the crowd response matched the heights of the songwriting. The level of goodwill and dedication in that sweat box was something really special, with every person belting every word of every track with a passion that was matched only by frontman Tobi’s flooring delivery.

Highlight of the night came when they tore into ‘Controlled Burn’ and the place went off like an atom bomb. From the opening riff to the savage beat down sections, this cut sounds even bigger live and is sure to be a setlist staple for years to come. It was great to watch such a rad band laying waste to a venue, that they have completely outgrown.