Words: Kieran Webber | Header Image: Gina Canavan

The Los Angeles four piece The Paranoyds have graced us with the presence of their new single ‘Face First’, taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Carnage Bargain’, out September 13th via Suicide Squeeze.

The single is a thumping barrage of slacker punk driven forward by the dazed vocals of Lexi Funston. It’s simple in nature and is delightfully infectious. In addition to this the band have also shared the 360º  video that allows you to interact with the videos surroundings. Each watch shows a new element to the video, it’s a fantastic idea that is full of interest. Each watch unveils something you missed.

Talking about the video the band explain: “We wanted the video to be driving, as the song has always reminded us of some sort of forward movement, like running, driving in a car late at night, etc.” They continue: “The song is loosely about a stalker and we wanted that idea to be involved in the movement somehow. The video directors, our friends Theo Cohn and David Gantz, wanted to challenge themselves by doing something they had never done before–shooting with a 360º camera. This allowed us to show the point of view of these stalkers, where you could watch the video multiple times and still notice little Easter eggs each time depending on where you look. So many people watch videos on their phones now, and a 360º video makes for a much more interesting and fulfilling experience on a phone.”

Watch/listen to ‘Face First’ here: