By Kieran Webber

Leeds has been somewhat of a hub for musicians for past decade or so. There has been a plethora of great live bands emerging from the city and Uncle Buzzard are among them. Their unique, slightly off kilter approach to the indie-psych pop genre has helped them gain a strong following.

Recently they released the single ‘Little Fish’, a complex track that borderlines in the math-rock territory. A deep, long bassline creates the backbone of the track whilst soft, melancholy vocals washes over the listener. All the while Soft, jangly guitars twirl in the background. It’s a brooding single that is at times intoxicating.

Lead singer George Mansun explains the track:

‘LittleFish is about not living up to the expectations we set ourselves, or those set by others. The song is about identity and about the labels and the expectations that are
externally put upon us, addressing issues surrounding
gender and sexuality. When these things are ambiguous to us, but we are categorised by others, we feel pressure to conform to those labels, and it’s about that constant feeling of pressure that we must overcome to truly be

Listen to ‘Little Fish’ here: