Photography by Reece Owen

From Count Your Blessings to Post Human, here at the top 10 tracks we can’t wait to hear Bring Me The Horizon play at Download Festival 2023. 

You’d have to be living under a rock for the past few years if you hadn’t heard of Sheffield based rock band Bring Me the Horizon and their rise to stardom. Over the last 20 years, Bring Me The Horizon have gone from a scrappy deathcore band to becoming one of the biggest and most influential rock/metal bands of the 21st century. With members of the band consistently finding new ways to remould their sound, each one of their albums stands out in its own right as a moment in the story of modern heavy music, whether people like it or not. 

We are beyond stoked to see the Sheffield boys decent upon Download Festival for their first ever headline slot! However, this isn’t the first time the boys have appeared at the festival with their debut back in 2006.

Speaking with frontman Oli Sykes said: “Download Festival was one of the first festivals I ever attended as a punter. It was our first amazing festival experience to play as a band, and now the fact that we are headlining such a prestigious event blows my mind. We can’t wait to bring a whole new sound and show for the Download audience.”

I personally grew up on the earlier tracks and have found the bands sound to evolve and grow with not only myself but a dedicated fanbase that has only grown bigger over the years. 

With the band releasing a new track titled ‘Lost’ in the coming weeks we thought we’d take the challenging task of diving into the bands extensive discography to dig out the top 10 tracks we hope the band bring the hallowed grounds of Donnington Park.


‘Obey’ is one of Bring Me The Horizon‘s more recent tracks that brings about a very fun revolution alongside Doncaster’s very own YUNGBLUD with a metal and EDM-inspired banger. The blend of Oli Sykes and YUNGLBUD‘s vocals provide a distinctive and impactful sound accompanied by the bands signature dark demeaning instrumentals to paint the picture of the corruption in this world. This is Bring Me The Horizon and Yungblud at their inspirational best.

Back at their headline show in 2020 YUNGBLUD joined the band for their headline at the O2, London. So here’s hoping he’ll be making a guest appearance at this years Download Festival.

09. Happy Song (That’s The Spirit, 2015)

Kicking off the post Sempiternal era for the band with their album ‘That’s The Spirit’ was lead single ‘Happy Song’. Many will remember this track from its repeated plays on Radio 1 after the grand unveiling through cryptic testers. I myself was on the side of a mountain in South American desperately trying to access internet to listen to this highly anticipated track. Led in by the unforgettable cheerleaders’ “S-P-I-R-I-T” chant the track depicts a world caught up in the superficial and ignoring the significant.

08. Drown (That’s The Spirit, 2016)

One of the slower moments in the band’s extensive discography but one that has proved to be on of the bands most successful tracks with the track closing the bands sets since its release in 2016. Much like ‘Happy Song’, ‘Drown’ represented the moment that BMTH became something much bigger than they could ever have imagined. As wave after wave of exceptionally well crafted guitar chords and Jordan Fish’s accompanying keyboard and percussion hit you square in the chest and Oli questions, “Who will fix me now”, it’s hard not to fall in love with the track.

07. Pray For Plagues (Count Your Blessings, 2006)

Whilst the bands deathcore days are long behind them and for good reason however, there is only one song on this list from 2006 debut ‘Count Your Blessings’ that shows how far the band have come since their formation. Still, there’s a sense of charm and quality about this early standout single that still holds up today. And what better place than the home of rock to bring back this track give fans both new and old alike a treat for the ages whilst also proving how far they’ve come.

06. 1×1 feat. Nova Twins (POST HUMAN: SURIVIVAL HORROR, 2020)

Adding yet another guest artist to their insatiably infectious Post Human: Survival Horror EP, the boys are joined by none other than East London legends Nova Twins for an unforgettable track with an infectious chorus and chord progression similar to that of none other than Papercut (Linkin Park). With Nova Twins also in attendance at this years Download Festival we can always hope for a surprise guest appearance for their Friday night headline slot.

05. Can You Feel My Heart? (Sempiternal, 2013)

Arguably one of the bands biggest track in their discography ‘Can You Feel My Heart?’ was a pioneering track in the band’s career and laid bare BMTH’s intentions to be grow bigger, smoother, catchier and more anthemic. Those growing up in the mid 2000’s are sure to have had seen the lyrics “‘Can you hear the silence? Can you see the dark? Can you fix the broken? Can you feel, can you feel my heart?’ plastered all over every alternative magazine and venue. To have such an iconic track in the bands discography not be played at Download would be blasphemy.

04. sTraNgeRs (Single, 2022)

One of the bands most recent tracks (until the debut of ‘Lost’), ‘sTraNgeRs’ follows in the footsteps of the exceptionally well received EP ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ and does not fail to bring back the same sound that was brought to listeners. With lyrics that hit deep within the soul and an instrumental hook that is impossible to ignore, there is no way anyone is going to want to skip this one. 

03. Antivist (Sempiternal, 2013)

Arguably one of the bands best live tracks, ‘Antivist’ was made for festivals like Download. with a fantastic blend of both old and new ‘Antivist’ utilises some of the bands more heavier sounds established in prior albums whilst utilising keyboard and percussionist Jordan Fish’s new and innovative sound. As infamously put by front man Old Sykes the lyrics have been described as “the most nu-metal mosher lyrics of all time”. All together now: ‘Middle fingers up, if you don’t give a fuck!’ 

02. MANTRA (amo, 2019)

Having had a track record in delivering some of the most insane reinventions with each of the previous releases leading up to ‘MANTRA’, fans knew they were in for a treat when Bring Me The Horizon teased the first single off their follow up album to ‘That’s The Spirit’. Although its lyrical message follows along the same lines as ‘Happy Song’, ”MANTRA’s’ high production, ear splitting riffs and use of automated voice clip changed the game once again and took things to a whole other level.

01. Shadow Moses (Sempiternal, 2013)

With opening lyrics “Can you tell from the look in our eyes?” it was no doubt ‘Shadow Moses‘ was going to be a standout track on Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘Sempiternal’ album. Anyone who was there when ‘Sempiternal’ dropped can remember what an insane impact the record had on not just metalcore, but also heavy musician general. The 2013 masterpiece saw the band fully take to the skies and ‘Shadow Moses is still the most exhilarating moment on what remains their most dynamic album overall. The chugging groove is titanic and Sykes’ blend of clean and rough vocals is pushed to a limit never heard before. Even to this day this track still sounds out as a phenomenal track within the bands discography.

Bring Me The Horizon headline this years Download Festival alongside Metallica and Slipknot with the festival looking as though it will sell out for the first time in history!

Catch all of the above and more including Alter Bridge, Halestorm, Clutch, Mammoth WVH, Ghost, Within Temptation, Placebo, Disturbed, Evanescence, Parkway Drive, Pendulum, Architects, Bad Wolves, Neck Deep, Simple Plan, Empire State Bastard and many more at Donington Park on the weekend of Thursday 8t to Sunday 11th June.

Grab the remaining tickets from the Download Festival website.