Words: Matilda Barker Hall | Header Image: Logan White

Powerfully emerging through the overdominated music scene “by men with guitars” LA trio, Automatic, gives us a taste of their refreshing music with their new single ‘Calling it’, from their soon to be released album ‘Signal’ (out Sep 27th). Just signed to Stones Throw word is spreading like wildfire due to their energetic live shows and synth based music. Izzy Glaudini (synths,vocals) Lola Dompé (drums,vocals) and Halle Saxon (bass,vocals) collected together in LA’s DIY band scene and started jamming in 2017. 

‘Calling it’ presents the skill of Izzy Glauudini’s synth which gifts the listener’s imagination to explore the “sensation of being adrift in a wide open space” alongside the other talented band members that bring the song an ultimate eerie effect, allowing for each individual listener to have their own journey with song. 

Accompanied with a fitting music video, that screams female empowerment, the three band members take active roles in being factory workers and business women. Coincidently (on purpose), the factory in which the music video was shot in an aluminium factory entirely run by women and owned by Lola Dompé’s grandmother since the 1970s. 

Listen to ‘Calling It’ here:

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