By Kieran Webber

When people think of punk music their minds generally tend to think of Sex Pistols wandering the stained streets of Camden Town or they think of The Ramones hanging out in New York. There probably are not many people who are aware of a punk scene blossoming in Greece. One band that is putting the Greek DIY punk scene on the map is Bazooka, who fuse politically driven lyrics with an explosive and infectious sound.

Their latest single ‘Prison’ contemplates the idea of us all being stuck in prisons of our own making and breaking free. This sentiment is backed by a flurry of guitars and pushed forward by the fast paces vocals of frontman Xanthos Papanikolaou. It contains elements of punk and surf rock blended with a dash of psychedlia. Creating an interesting and diverse sound that is daringly brazen.

Speaking about the track Xanthos says the track was “born from the thought that we are seemingly free, yet we are locked up in our own mental cell. You know, we create our personal hell and we don’t even know it. And some of us even believe that it’s a place of love and happiness.”

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