By Kieran Webber

As today is St. Pirans day (National day of Cornwall) we thought it would be a great idea to showcase the wonderful and talented musicians that reside in this beautiful County. Often Cornwall is overlooked in many aspects, political, financial and in terms of our blossoming creativity. We are fortunate enough to have a fantastic and diverse collection on musicians who are from and operate out of Cornwall, here are just a few examples.

The Rezner 

The Rezner Cornwall
The Rezner by Kieran Webber

The Rezner are one of Cornwall’s most exciting bands to emerge in recent times, they carry a similar sound early Arctic Monkeys mashed with the 90’s Brit-pop sound. It’s incredibly catchy, layered in raw, energetic angst. Their debut single ‘Micky’ is an anthemic belter that fuses infectious riffs with snarling vocals, it’s an impressive debut from the young band. The Rezner are going places and fast, I have no doubt you will start hearing their name a lot in 2019.

Listen to ‘Mickey’ here:


Karum Cooper of Hypophora by Kieran Webber

The female fronted alt-rock outfit formed out of Cornwall’s only city but it wasn’t long before they were bashing on the doors of some of Europe’s biggest cities. 2018 was a huge year for the band which saw them supporting bands such as Arcane Roots, Black Peaks and joining Toska on tour. They also released their debut album ‘Douse’ via Easy Action/Zen Ten records which received high praise from a variety of publications.

It is no surprise that success has found them though, their sound is an infectious barrage funk infused rock with elements of prog-rock. Not to mention they are one of the hardest working bands in the county. With an already impressive list of achievements it’s looking likely 2019 will be an even bigger year for the band.

Listen to ‘Spires’ here:

The Velvet Hands

The Velvet Hands
The Velvet Hands by Kieran Webber

The indie-punk outfit have been plugging away for a few years now and have built a dedicated local following. They are no longer Cornwall’s hidden gem though as they have found great success playing in a variety of places throughout the country, building a strong following in the big smoke, London. The four likeable lads blend the best elements of indie and punk, creating a sound that is reminiscent of to The Strokes’ glory days. It’s a large, hook heavy barrage of infectious riffs, complemented by their natural rockstar energy. Frontmen Dan and Toby put Mick Jagger to shame with their oozing swagger and inspiring stage presence.

Listen to ‘Party’s Over’ here:

Wolf Note

Wolf Note Cornwall
Wolf Note by Kieran Webber

Those of you that are regular readers will have no doubt seen us banging on about this dynamic hard rock duo. Wolf Note, in my opinion are one of Cornwall’s best rock outfits and although they are on a hiatus atm (one half has recently had a child) they still remain a favourite. Their sound is a colossal explosion of heavy riffs and hard hitting percussion, everytime I have witnessed these guys live I have been left speechless with a hint of tinnitus. I’m very excited for the return of Wolf Note and can’t wait to rock out to them very soon!

Listen to ‘Hemiplegic’ here:

Mother Vulture

Mother Vulture Falmouth
Brodie Maguire lets loose by Kieran Webber

Although not strictly a band that operates out of Cornwall the guitarist Brodie hails from the surf town of Newquay. The band first met and formed during their time at BIMM and since then they have been on a crusade to take rock world by storm. Although the band operates out of Bristol they play regular shows in the southwest. The sound that Mother Vulture harness is one of true rock ‘n’ roll chaos, with elements of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Wolfmother. It’s a frantic detonation of riffs, snarls and thumping percussion. You don’t just watch them live, you experience them.

Listen to ‘Habits Die Hard’ here:

These are but five examples of what Cornwall has to offer, there are a litany of hard working musicians that call this place home. You can find more amazing Cornish talent in our recent Spotify playlist (below).