By Laura Turnbull

Summer is long, and kind of feels like something that happens to other people while you’re at work. Luckily this time around you don’t have to rely on that one window in the lunchroom to transport you from boredom into bliss: c o n t x t is releasing new music and it’s going to save you from all the mid-week monotony and can-I-speak-to-the-manager blah. From July 5th the Falmouth-based electronic musician will be sharing a new track every two weeks and ‘Resonance Evil‘, the first of nine singles c o n t x t has lined up for release, has just dropped – hi, ambient wonder waves. 

‘Resonance Evil’ revolves around a pulse that’s more hypnotic than David Attenborough narrating mating season. With a soundscape of scissored-up samples that glitter and crack like broken glass under a rolling beat, this track is pure sonic ecstasy from a producer who, inspired by the likes of Bonobo and Romare, seems to know exactly how to get sounds to slide against each other with the right kind of friction. Shifting in and and out of focus, ‘Resonance Evil‘ blends acres of light with a dark, snaking paranoia. Think Four Tet, but heavily sleep deprived and wired up on conspiracy theories. More music like this, please. 

Listen to ‘Resonance Evil’ here:

Artwork by Molly Bruce-Jones.

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