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Josh Abraham
Josh Abraham

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As they experiment with new sounds and new ways of life in the lyricism, Foals have returned in a time where they are needed

It’s felt like an age since the last Foals album. It’s only been a couple of years but within that time so much has changed that it’s only right we find an escape in their music yet again. They’ve teased their listeners with ‘2am’, ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Looking High’ but with June 17th coming around the corner, one thing is to be sure – this is going to be the album of the summer.

There’s something special about this release. Not only is it bringing new vibes and a new side to the band by making the poppiest music yet, but it’s also being launched on a zoetrope vinyl format. With each side featuring a number of roses with different patterns as well as it being a limited run pressing, this is quite easily a must-have for Foals fanatics and vinyl collectors alike.

Fans can rejoice at the idea that many are already discussing this album being something of a lyrical masterpiece as well as it being something that bursts with energy. This writer has felt that with the pressures of the last few years in mind, a Foals album has been missed, which is why this news allows smiles to be spread across the faces of many fans throughout the world.

Life Is Yours‘ is being released June 17th by Blood Records, one thing is clear to see. Foals are back and escaping into a whole new world is on the horizon.