A collaborative project between Turtle Tempo, It's All Indie & Nexus Music blog

If you follow us on our social channels then you would have seen that we have been promoting our new collaborative project Fridays Finest. Each blog takes it in turns to host the segment where we all pick our favourite tracks of the week and compile them in this article. This week is our turn and we are honoured to be working with such prestigious independent music blogs.

Our Pick – County Line Runner – Wide Eyes 

County Line Runner Indie Rock

Adam Day or County Line Runner has recently released his latest single ‘Wide Eyes’ which is an indie track that is reminiscent of the 70s’, mirroring artists such as Dire Straits. Speaking of the track Day explains “Wide Eyes is about someone coming to terms with parts of their personality they didn’t know existed. The realisation that going back is now harder than moving on”. 

Listen to ‘Wide Eyes’ here:

Turtle Tempo – The Covasettes – Wild

The Covasettes Indie
We can’t get enough of Manchester indie-rock quartet The Covasettes and their latest single ‘Wild’ is more than worthy of being our Friday’s Finest selection this week. Boasting exceptional highly energetic live performances, we can’t wait to hear this live at Foxe Fest on 21st October when the band hit Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen!

Listen to ‘Wild’ here:

It’s All Indie – Stereo Honey – Icarus

Stereo Honey

A band we’re coming to think are the next big guitar band is Stereo Honey, and their latest offering would surely suggest that they’re aiming for stardom. The track is a taster of their brand new EP ‘What Makes A Man’ which is on 16th November via LAB Records. It’s a real masterpiece from the band that just really highlights what they’re capable of.

Listen to ‘Icarus’ here:

Nexus Music Blog – Shanghai Blues – Lies

Shanghai Blues.jpg

Shanghai Blues, a four piece that are based in Walthamstow in East London are a band that we feel you’ve got to get to know. We are pretty big fans of the tracks that the boys release, with a unique vocal quality and an outpouring of passion in their latest track ‘Lies’, if you didn’t know already, then you’re welcome…

However, if you’re looking at getting yourself further acquainted with the boys, be sure to check out ‘Swim’. It’s still placed as one of our favourite releases by an emerging band, but then again, you’ll be impressed by the entirety of their back catalogue!

Listen to ‘Lies’ here: