Black Anchors Punk
Out now (self released)

Rating: 7.5/10

By Kieran Webber

My first introduction to the Devon based pop-punk band was when they opened up for GLOO at Whiskers, from the first chord struck I was hooked. It was hard to grasp just how wonderfully infectious they were, it was a fantastic barrage of sound. Their recorded music is just as brilliant and their recent self-titled EP boasts the bands fantastic songwriting.

The EP opens with the anthemic ‘Favourite Records’, a striking opener that carries emotive weight and punchy lyrics reminiscent of The Menzingers and The Sidekicks. They capture moments in life with masterful self deprecation, it’s hard not to be mesmerised by the lyrical content. Through the EP they regale us tales of heartache, drunken nights, love and moments of beauty in life. Following tracks ‘Me, Tom Waits and an Empty Bottle of Rum’ and ‘Resurrection Summer’ encapsulate hazy nights out with friends new and old, times spent reminiscing over the good times had.

Listen to ‘Me, Tom Waits and an Empty Bottle of Rum’ here:

Fourth and final track ‘Heavenly Lane’ is a beautiful acoustic track that puts Black Anchors stunning songwriting at the forefront. The stripped back acoustic track with organ elements acts as the perfect closer to a steller EP.

The EP acts as a taster of what Black Anchors can bring to the table and has us itching to hear a full album.