By Adam Laver

The London three-piece released their debut E.P, ‘It’s Raining On The Wrong Side of the Window’, earlier this year and have since been going from strength to strength. Glass Peaks have already been streamed tens of thousands of times on Spotify and championed by the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Abbie McCarthy.

Like many others, things haven’t gone quite to plan for Glass Peaks, as the coronavirus pandemic meant that they had to cancel a headline show and a string of festival performances. Their latest single, ‘Lift Me’, is a timely track about getting through hard times.

“It’s about needing someone else’s strength and realising that no matter how resilient you are, you can’t always carry the world on your shoulders,” frontman, Alfie Jefferies explains. “It’s about the heady romantic night walks followed by mind-numbing arguments. It’s about realising your own self-worth and actually putting your foot down for once. I suppose, in general, it’s just about making a statement and implementing the changes you want to see.”

The emotion of the song can be heard clearly in Alfie’s vocals, as his delivery is filled with passion and sentiment, especially as the band are in full force during the chorus. The melodic, shimmering guitars echo throughout the track and combine with the powerful drum pattern to define Glass Peak’s sound. Their anthemic indie-pop creates feelings of nostalgia, as they seem to dwell on past relationships and the struggles surrounding them.

Getting this sound out of a band isn’t easy at the best of the times, and Alfie commented on how difficult he and his bandmates found it.

“We’re very much a band that works best when writing all-together in one space, so writing during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic was a real challenge; however, we feel blessed to live in a digital age where solutions are possible. I think we’ve created some of our best work during this time.”

Now Glass Peaks have a loyal listenership online, they will hope that they can transfer their radio and Spotify success to physical ticket sales when they can finally strut their stuff on stage.

Listen to ‘Lift Me’ here: