Gaby Mawson
Gaby Mawson

Gaby is a London based writer and visual communicator specialising in fashion, beauty and music. She also practices as a DJ specialising in DNB and UK garage.

Up and coming artist, Devon, has recently released his track, ‘WHY DO WE WAKE UP? (BEFORE THE GOOD BIT)’  that encompasses Devon’s feelings around daily routines and interrupted dreaming. Taking inspiration from Blur’s iconic ‘Parklife’, this track received a lot of love from Devon’s listeners.

Speaking with Devon himself gave us an insight into his musical practice and what he has planned for the future. Read on to find out more!

Gaby: Hey Devon thanks for chatting to us today, how’s it going?

Devon: No problem, Yeah it’s going great thank you! Keeping well eating plenty of lockdown biscuits.

Gaby: What was it for you that kick-started your musical career?

Devon: My old year 5 primary school teacher taught me a couple of chords on my acoustic guitar that I brought in for him to tune and I was hooked from then on really. He got me and a couple friends together to make a little band and we played school talent shows. My love for music started then for sure. I fell out of love with it when I went to secondary school but managed to find it again when I was in year 10 after playing my first acoustic show.

Listen/watch ‘WHY DO WE WAKE UP? (BEFORE THE GOOD BIT)’ here:

Gaby: How would you best describe your music in terms of the sound and feeling it evokes?

Devon: I would call it alt pop but its ever changing. One minute I’m making alternative more guitar based stuff and the next I’m making more pop based music. Really into orchestras at the moment so been using a lot of sampled violins and brass sections in the newer stuff. I guess the feeling it provokes for people from what I have heard is it makes them feel happy. A lot of people say it’s very dance around the room vibes which is cool.

Gaby: Your latest release, ‘WHY DO WE WAKE UP? (BEFORE THE GOOD BIT)’ came out in October last year. How has the track been received by your listeners?

Devon: Yeah really well. The FOD seemed to love it and have really connected it seems which is great because I’m always super nervous when releasing music. I actually hate releasing music haha.

Gaby: What does the track mean to you – can you expand on the meaning behind it?

Devon: It’s very simple for me. It kind of just describes my daily routine when I used to have to get up super early to go to a job I used to hate a couple of years ago. Always feeling like I was in the middle of a great dream living in some better world and then all of a sudden the alarm would rudely wake me up. I guess everyone’s been there. I wanted to do “parklife” esc take on the lyrical delivery thats why there so simple.

Gaby: How are you coping during lockdown – have you been creating new music during this time?

Devon: Yeah it’s been a struggle staying creative. I’m not an artist that creates something everyday as I’m quite fussy but I’ve definitely managed to make a few things I’m proud of.

“One minute I’m making alternative more guitar based stuff and the next I’m making more pop based music”


Gaby: What would say has been the highlight of your career so far?

Devon: Highlight of my career so far was making my live TV debut playing my new single with my band. Was a crazy experience I will not forget.

Gaby: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Devon: Hopefully living comfortably and making a living from music so I can do it everyday. I want to have released an album or two and toured the world.

Gaby: What should we look out from you in near future?

Devon: Bigger projects, more songs, EPs and eventually an album. I will be revealing more of the Devon universe.