By Kieran Webber

With absolute pleasure I Introduce the powerhouse punk machine from East London who although young have garnered praise from the likes of Iggy Pop, Gary Powell (The Libertines) and Danny Fields (Ramones manager).

It comes as no surprise either as they are a complete ear assault that is so loud and crunchy it borderlines on offensive, this is of course for a punk band is no bad thing, in fact they are doing their job right.

Their music truly has spoken for itself as The Libertines drummer Gary Powell signed them up to his 25 hour Convenience Store label, this lead to the opportunity to head into Pete Townshend’s studio to record a selection of new songs.

One such song being their latest release ‘Thick Skin’ that is set for release July 1st via Convenience Store, the track comes in with a ferocious riff backed by snarling vocals.

Listen here: