By Kieran Webber

Check out the latest single ‘New Survival’ from the blistering indie band The Medicine Hat, taken off their forthcoming album that us rumoured for release late fall.

Listening to The Medicine Hat is a purifying experience that cleanses you with Nabi Sue Bersche’s nimble, raw lyricism that is illuminated by a voice like holy fire.

Bersche explains the track, “New Survival is a mantra. A hymn I’m singing to keep my fears at bay. It’s about struggle: trying to inhabit my city, my home, my body, my depression, my angst, my art. I wrote it in the midst of some changes in my physical and mental environment; changes I found difficult to navigate. It doesn’t resolve with any answers, but it does resolve with hope. A shaky, raw, unsure sort of hope. A new survival, if you will.”

Listen here: