By Kieran Webber

Tuath, or tribe in gaellic, are an electronic/shoegaze/noise band from Donegal in the Republic of Ireland, that by harnessing a variety of influences and sound crafts a unique and enticing commotion. 

The band are now gearing up for their ‘Existence is Futile’ EP which is set for release 15th June, there are two key themes to the EP, that is Tuaths Irish heritage and the social and cultural deprivation of their hometown Donegal. Although Inspired by anxiety and existentialism, the lyrical and musical content of ‘Existence Is Futile’ is almost painfully frank and honest, some of the lyrics are intended to be a reminder of what anxiety can do to one’s cognitive ability and how difficult it is to cope in the bleakest of moments.

To get a taste of what Tuath have to offer check the visuals for titled track ‘Existence Is Futile’, a trip hop, dark wave track that floats through a variety of influences but mainlines on psychedelic trip hop. The video itself acts as a insight into the deprivation that their local home town has been subject to,  a bleak but important message runs through the visuals.