By Kieran Webber

It is no secret that the UK is in a state of political turmoil, with cuts happening left, right and centre and hypocrisy takes the stage within Parliament. The general feeling of annoyance and upset through the working and middle classes is one that is felt everywhere, so it is no surprise that more politically driven music is emerging from the UK. Music has always acted as a platform in which people can express their views against tax dodging, benefit slashing governments, the latest band to take up instruments and sing of their frustration is the Leeds based indie-quartet NARCS.

Their latest single ‘Bullingdon Boys’ is filled to the brim with frustration, anger and resentment, it’s brash rock ‘n’ roll that takes no prisoners.

Speaking to Upset about the single Guitarist Joe says: “It’s pretty much aiming and firing on all targets at once. The title is obviously a giveaway but the misogyny, the greed, the cronyism and nepotism that we’re up to our necks in as a country – it can all be encapsulated in the sickening, perverse boys-only gang of Bullingdon scum.

“I wrote a lot of the lyrics separately from different incidents involving people I know and hold dear being treated like dirt by piece of shit misogynists, vulnerable people having their pittance taken by people who burn notes in front of homeless people for fun, press rats pushing lies to maintain their pathetic careers.

“But that’s what happens when we ‘elect’ vermin like the current lot. Burn middle England and everyone in it.”

The single comes ahead of the release of the bands second album ‘A Thinking Animal’, which is due out 8th July via Clue Records.

Listen to ‘Bullingdon Boys’ here:

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