By Kieran Webber

Jack Swing are one of those musical anomalies where they don’t fit into just one genre. They dance through a variety and pick elements from each, creating a diverse and wonderful sound. They move gracefully through funk, disco, soul, blues and rock. It’s retrospective but remains fresh.

Their latest single ‘Get What’s Mine For You’, taken from the same titled EP is a delightful array of sounds. The track opens up with a enigmatic bassline that quickly opens up to 60’s inspired organ and powerful soul tinged vocals. All the while the percussion comes raining down, creating a large yet rhythmic sound. All these elements bounce off one another masterfully, making for a real earworm.

The three that make up Jack Swing are all clear masters of their art and together they are a musical force to be reckoned with.

Listen/watch to ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ here:

Listen to the full EP here.