By Kieran Webber

Jaws The Shark, the solo project of Olly Bailey returns with ‘Still Young’, arguably his strongest release yet. It’s a pedal to the metal release that is full of pent up energy.

Thumping percussion leads the way into reverb drenched vocals and fuzzed out guitars, it’s reminiscent of early Hanni El Khatib or FIDLAR. It’s a raucous release that comes out swinging.

Jaws The Shark may only be three singles deep but the level of talent and growth is already clear to see. ‘Still Young’ blends all his best elements into one delightful 4 minute package.

It’s going to be exciting to watch this shark flourish in the future. Keep your eye out for a fin in the distance because Jaws (the shark) is coming.

Listen to ‘Still Young’ here: