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Josh Abraham
Josh Abraham

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Magnetic energy meets vulnerability unlike any other with Beach Bunny’s new single ‘Karaoke’

Beach Bunny aka Lili Trifilio has always been one to produce the most emotional music but this new track and others allow for space for listeners to truly sit and think upon life and where it is going as well as wondering what to say to that special someone.

With Lili Trifilio and other members such as Matt Henkels [guitar], Anthony Vaccaro [bass], Jon Alvarado [drums] being a part of something new and fresh, it’s no wonder why the buzz around them is real. 

The new single is simple, yet effective. It allows any listener to dive into new depths with the band as they begin a Star Wars meets Star Trek galactic adventure visual series that shows how their music and personalities are intertwined.

When discussing the new single, the artist/band had this to say, “‘Karaokeis a song about having a crush – it’s about infatuation, fleeting feelings, and the bittersweet nature of uncertainty. It’s about learning pieces of who someone is and liking them before even knowing the whole story.”

The new single is out right now with the ‘Emotional Creature’ album out 22nd July on MOM+POP. Listen to ‘Karaoke‘ here: