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Josh Abraham

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Liverpool’s hidden gem, Simon Howard, is back and better than ever. He’s shining bright in the americana-folk genre and it’s time to dive into the music that is making everyone want more.

What happens when you spend a summer in Texas, feel inspired by everything about the state and then release an E.P? This new track is what happens. ‘Not Like Superman’ is something special and takes any listener into a western film where you’re staring down the barrel of a shotgun. Your enemies are waiting and the body-hitting drums and a powerful 8-piece string section gallop through to keep everyone on their toes.

A story of always trying to please others but never being good enough is one that this writer can relate to, which helps this new track become anyone’s kryptonite. Whether it be the likes of Bob Dylan to Simon & Garfunkel and Bruce Springsteen that have inspired the talented artist or if it is life happening around him, this is a track to admire.

Every note, every string of the guitar and every lyric that is sung is proof that any reader needs to drop what they are doing and listen to the new single now. It helps bring out the best in any listener with the silky and wonderful vocals and beautiful songwriting.

Simon Howard has one of those unique sounds that just makes you want more, which is why his emotive lyricism is here to stay. Music is all about escapism, which is exactly where this new single takes you. Somewhere anywhere from here.

None of us can be like Superman, but with Simon Howard’s music in the world, we can slowly, but surely become the heroes we grew up wanting to be like.