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George Ward
George Ward

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Glasgow indie band Pizza Crunch are back with new single ‘Young Excitement‘, teasing towards their new project. 

After a sold-out show in King Tuts and multiple festival appearances, Young Excitementis the first step in Pizza Crunch’s big summer, with a new project on the way and no doubt more singles. 

The track first came to life as a poem written by vocalist Ewan Hearns before being transformed into a song by guitarist Nathan Stokoe. Its lyrics are simple; Hearns longs for this ‘Young Excitement’, asking “Where have you been? We were never granted a farewell.” The lyrics match the sunny instrumental and make the song feel fun while also nostalgic. 

Instrumentally, this nostalgia is clear too, reminding you of 2010 indie-rock groups like Catfish and the Bottlemen and there might even be some Pulp influences too. The guitars are driving throughout and when paired with Ewan Nicholson’s drums, the band power through the track. The solo in the bridge is a highlight and is very simple but does the trick emotionally. 

The track will fit perfectly on your summer playlist and Pizza Crunch are definitely one to look out for on festival lineups. 

Listen to ‘Young Excitement’ now and look out for Pizza Crunch’s new project song.