By Kieran Webber

The wait is nearly over for the much anticipated debut self-titled album from Loom, the band have spent the past two years putting the album together and features singles ‘Hate’ and ‘Bleed On Me’. The 10 track album is set for release 19th May via Silent Cult Records and can be pre-ordered via PledgeMusic.

The past month has seen the band release the energetic and bitter ‘Hate’ and more recently ‘Lice’ an explosive and deeply raw track, both tracks are exemplarily servings of snarling rock and has us frothing for the album.

Loom are a special gem that control a raw and unstoppable sound that is layered in ferocious energy, making them one of the UK’s most exciting bands.

Watch/listen to ‘Lice’ here:

Album Artwork & Tracklist


1. Lice
2. Hate
3. Get A Taste
4. Leopard
5. Salt
6. Seasick
7. Bleed On Me
8. Nailbender
9. Barbed Wire
10. Slowly Freezing Heart