By Kieran Webber

Mt. Wolf have announced their much anticipated debut album ‘Aetherlight’, which is set for release May 26th via CRC Music.┬áPatience has been the key, working tirelessly behind the scenes towards the all-encompassing sound they had always aimed for. After a productive 12 months with super-producer Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, M83, Daughter) they have returned this year with that sound now very much realised.

Their latest single ‘The Electric’ boasts their haunting, cinematic sound that is swimming in emotion, it is hard not to find yourself wrapped up in their music. The eerie plucks of their string instruments backed by hypnotic electronica creates something delightfully atmospheric.

Listen to ‘The Electric’ here:

To celebrate the album, the band have planned three album launch shows that will take them to London, Manchester and Bristol with each show promising to be special and unique.