Words & Header Image by Kieran Webber

Brexit is an utter shit show, a bleak insight into the stupidity of the masses and the lies of the ruling class. However, when Britain is great again and we are plunged into a recession post-Brexit there may be some hope. If there is one positive that may come from this is that we, as a nation will be forced to support local more than ever. Sure, it may be because we have no other choice and our very country is aflame but a positive none the less.

This support local attitude, which should almost certianly be in place post Brexit could strengthen the music scene countrywide, particularly in Cornwall. It’s no secret that Cornwall is often overlooked when bands are planning their touring schedules, it’s a shame but understandable. Cornwall can be fickle, why travel that extra mileage when you can play in Exeter or head to Europe. However, in the last few years there has been an emerging scene in Cornwall, particularly in Falmouth, Truro and Newquay. There are local bands pushing through playing to sold out shows of eager music fans, who just like the band want a successful music scene in their home county. Cornwall also plays host to a variety of Festivals such as The Great Estate, Leopallooza and Boardmasters. All of which bring massive artists down to the county.

If Brexit happens then it will mean bands will have to pay for visas and other possible tariffs. There was a recent document released by the British Government that stated the following:

“If you bring goods into or take goods out of the UK in your baggage or a small motor vehicle, and you intend to use them for business, you must declare your goods and pay import duty and VAT before you move them across the border.” – Gov.uk

It’s difficult enough as it is to tour as a band, the money that bands received 20 years ago doesn’t exist, most bands work day jobs to fund their musical projects. Almost all bands, even ones with success are self funding their tours, releases & merch. The costs you take into account when touring pre-Brexit is already pretty high. There is fuel, food, drink, accommodation, purchasing a van, insurance and many many other costs, the list is almost endless.

The document released by the British government now adds another cost before the band have even entered the EU. This truly is a sham and totally unfair on the artists. This has potential to seriosly stifle British musicians, especially on a grassroots level. However, touring the UK more extensively, going to those further corners of the country might be a good way to strengthen scenes, avoid shitty taxes and VAT charges as well a hit an audience normally left to travel to the closest large city.

Cornwall is one of those said places, we are left out but there is a movement of people who want to see emerging bands perform. Especially in the aforementioned towns. Post-Brexit Cornwall could be a viable option for many bands and one I feel they should exploit. We are here, waiting for you. Let’s make the most out of a real shit situation (if it happens) and strengthen and brighten our creative communities.