By Kieran Webber

Elizabeth Le Fey AKA Globelamp has shared an acoustic video for the title track from her forthcoming album ‘The Orange Glow’ which is set for release on June 10th via Wichita Recordings.

This video captures the album’s delicate and poignant title track. “This song used to be called “an ancient aching” & at the last minute I changed it to “the orange glow” because I wanted the album title to be a track on the album” Elizabeth explains. “The Orange Glow is a deceptively beautiful and alluring light that pulls you in only to reveal its monstrous horrific colors up close.”

The video was directed by Madden Meiners at Patrick Dougherty’s “Stickwork” sculpture along the Hillsborough Riverwalk in North Carolina and is a perfect example of Globelamp‘s whimsical sound and vibe.

Watch here:

‘The Orange Glow’ tracklist:

1. Washington Moon
2. Controversial/Confrontational
3. The Negative
4. Moon Proof
5. Artist Traveller
6. Don’t Go Walking in the Woods Alone at Night
7. The Orange Glow
8. Invisible Prisons
9. Master of Lonely
10. Piece of the Pie
11. San Francisco
12. Faerie Queen