By Kieran Webber

Cambridge has a new band in town and they are kicking down the doors and taking names, their music is reminiscent of mid 2000’s emo with post hardcore twist. The band has been touring extensively with Tellison, the much buzzed about Muncie Girls and Three Trapped Tigers and have started to generate a real hype, to keep the stoke alive the band have recorded six songs for their upcoming ‘Demonstrations’ EP that is expected July this year.

In the meantime get ya chops around their latest offering ‘Ownership’ a crunching belter of pure angst and energy. The band comment on ‘Ownership’“This was a big shift musically from our first track, No Sleep, and I’m sure we’ll take another shift on the next. There’s definitely a Dischord / Touch & Go feel to some of those guitars and any imperfections here are what makes it what it is.” Continuing “The vocals were done in one or two takes, and were the last to be put to tape of the six demos we recorded, so you can hear that rawness in there. There are some dark themes lyrically but then there’s melody and warmth too. Hooks will always be an important part of what we do.”

Listen here: