By Kieran Webber

Having originally started at as a solo project ARCHIVIST has quickly developed into a full band and has resulted in far-flung electronica with a delicate indie flair, their 2013 self titled EP was glistening example of the experimental yet funk laden sound.

The self titled EP drew much attention to the band with publication such as Q and Noisey showing support, they also appeared at some of the UK’s biggest festivals including Secret Garden Party, Wilderness and Latitude.

Now the band gear up to release their ‘Memo’ EP that is due for release October 28th which sees new members Rory Simmons (guitar/production), Tom Mason (bass) and Pete Ibbetson (drums) joining mastermind creator Ed Begley.

The single ‘Everything Is Wanted’ is a shimmering synth driven body of experimental electronica with subtle hints of disco, an ethereal journey into the heart of Begley that is emotive yet groovy.

Listen here: