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George Ward

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London 6-piece art-rock band Blue Bendy release ‘Cloudy’, an emotional, complex and ambitious new single

Blue Bendy first hit the scene with their debut EP ‘Motorbike’ in 2022. Cloudyis their first release since this EP and fills me with so much excitement for their next project. The track is a sprawling 6-minute art-rock track, with uplifting vocals, complex rhythms and passionate instrumental performances. 

The biggest surprise with this track was just how ambitious it was. With a runtime twice as long as their usual 3 minute song length, I was curious to see how they would fill it. The track takes us on a complicated journey, dipping into slower passages, ramping up into explosive climaxes, playing with new rhythms and yet, somehow, Blue Bendy keep control entirely. Cloudyis such a delight to listen to and be guided by. 

The instrumental is joyful, powering the track with its playful energy. The opening section immediately reminded me of tracks from Black Country, New Road’s album ‘Ants From Up There’, with its tight instrumentation, innocent sound and emotional vocal performance, while never feeling like a rip-off in the slightest. In the middle section, the tempo drops, unfolding into a stripped back, extremely slow-building finale, which has real weight to it.

The group vocals show off the loveable character of Blue Bendy perfectly and the end of the track feels entirely worth the lengthy build up. It really is a fantastic return for the band and should make you extremely curious about how it will fit into their next release. Blue Bendy will hopefully be one of the buzziest bands of the year.

Listen to ‘Cloudy’ here: