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Irish noise punk group Enola Gay release the political and unforgiving ‘PTS.DUP’ from their forthcoming EP

On ‘PTS.DUP’ , the Belfast-based group reckon with a past that can still be felt today in Northern Ireland and with the DUP, which they feel use this past to radicalise the youth of today.

The band explained: “Following a band member being brutalised in a sectarian attack that left him with a fractured skull, we felt a lot of raw hatred and some shame. The attackers themselves are victims of jingoistic rhetoric that is insidiously normalised in the north of Ireland. In a country still suffering remnants of The Troubles, young people left in the middle of the road turn to alt-right political parties masquerading as conservatism such as the DUP, searching for a sense of belonging.

What’s left is an angry track with loud, distorted guitars, vocals that are heavily influenced by hip hop and samples of DUP talks. The track is relentless throughout its entire runtime and never once lets up. The music video shows footage of parliament interspersed with young people out in the streets. 

This is a track with a message, which Enola Gay clearly feel strongly about. In it, they find an outlet for their anger and frustration – and the listener can, too.

Watch/Listen to ‘PTS.DUP’ here: