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Emma Way
Emma Way

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Courting are back from Tennis practice with explosive new single ‘Loaded‘.

It seems we’ve only touched the surface of what Courting can do on 2021 debut ‘Grand National.’ On the new track from Courting, guitars are present, except they’re not as present in the mix as you’d expect on a record named Guitar Music.’ With plenty of disparity, thanks to revving guitars and manipulation, the band seem to question whether a song is ever really finished.

Set for release September 23rd, recording saw the four-piece deconstruct their sound, testing how they wanted their melodic songwriting to be interpreted sonically. Being heavily inspired by pop, Courting tied in lots of “ideas about change and stagnation,” while piecing the puzzle pieces back together again, according to frontman Sean Murphy-O’Neill.

New single ‘Loaded,’ is a perfect example of the band fully experimenting with art-pop influences, likening to artists such as Caroline Polachek, Charli XCX and Sophie with her hyper-real, groundbreaking approach.

The original spine of the song is present thanks to a muddy bass line and slightly deadened electric guitars, playing a sort of cowboy chase scene lead. Experimenting with sound quality, feedback, auto-tuned vocals and metallic percussion, materialistic sounds give the track that maximalist effect that catapults pop like an elastic band into experimental territory.

Listen to Courting‘s ‘Loaded‘ here: