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Heading to Boardmasters? Want to know who you should be checking out? We got you!

Boardmasters, the infamous Cornish festival located on the golden shores of Newquay returns in 2022 in spectacular fashion. As always they provide the best in new and established music, providing a weekend that dances through the genres and provides long living memories to all who attend.

This year the line-up is as zesty as they come, bringing the troubadour George Ezra, dance legends Disclosure, and rock n roll icons Kings Of Leon (among hundreds of other acts). To help you get the most of your sonic experience, we’ve put together a list of artists who we think you should watch (and who we cannot wait to see).

IDLES – Friday

Photo by Tom Ham

This band needs little to no introduction, for the past 4-5 years they’ve been exploding into our airwaves with their chaotic post-punk sound. Led by Joe Talbots growls they’re one of the UK’s most prominent bands and have become notorious for an intense, wild, and extremely enjoyable live show. These Bristolians are going to shake the festival to its core, then give it a bloody big hug. DO NOT MISS IDLES this year at Boardmasters, it’s going to be epic.

The Lathums – Friday

This indie collective from Wigan burst into peoples lives with their stunning debut album ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’. It was a stunning release that catapulted the band into the limelight, boasting their stunning and emotive music. It’s in their songwriting that this band finds its strengths, its poignent, beautiful, and wonderfully raw. To watch these lads play live, under the Cornish sun is going to be nothing short of a treat. Add them to your list!

Matilda Mann

The 22 year old singer-songwriter from London will be making her debut trip to the seaside festival and it’s safe to say we’re incredibly excited. Molly’s stunning vocals and poignent songwriting are nothing short of heavenly. Her latest single ‘Margaux’ shows her incredible talent and acts as a tasting platter of what to expect from her live performance at Boardmasters. Be ready to be whisked away to somewhere beautiful when listening to Matilda.

Folly Group – Friday

Photo by Alex Waespi

Folly Group come cascading out of London with their unique experimental sound that has one foot in indie and the other in post-punk. However, to put this group directly into any genre would be a disservice to their out of the box thinking and approach to music. The bands unpredictability makes them an incredibly enticing collective and one that will no doubt be exciting to watch live. This is an opportunity to watch a band wild out and push the boundaries of their own sound. If you’re wanting to expand your mind and broaden your sonic horizons, we urge you to catch Folly Group live at Boardmasters.

Cassia – Friday

Cassia may be the very embodiment of what Boardmasters is about, summer outfits, tropical vibes, and sunshine. This band has all of this and more, packaged into one beautiful indie parcel, ripe for a delivery to Cornwall. I truly cannot think of a better band to enjoy as the heat beats down, the sea breeze tickles you and the immaculate vibes surround you. The jangly guitars are going to rain down on you and you’ll be thinking, “damn I am so glad CLUNK recommended these chaps”. There is no doubt Cassia are going to provide a party during their set, get to the front for this one.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Saturday

One of the UK’s most prominent indie acts that have been the soundtrack to a variety of generations throughout their career. They first gained notoriety with their debut album ‘I Had The Blues But I shook Them Loose’, which is still today an incredibly popular album. In fact they recently played the album in its entirety at Brixton Academy and released it as a live album. In essence Bombay Bicycle Club have become a staple in the British indie scene and have continued to impress as time goes on. We have no doubt that their set at Boardmasters is going to be totally iconic.

Declan McKenna – Saturday

The young wonderkid has been making critics quiver and fans explode since his debut album ‘What Do You Think About The Car?’ Bringing forward an indie-pop sound that is backed by truthful, observant and poignent songwriting, Declan has become one of this generation’s prominent artists and he’s only 23 years old. He is years ahead of his peers and is on a continuous path of growth, as his latest album ‘Zeros’ proves. With a deep back catalogue of absolute belters to choose from, Declan is no doubt going to take the Boardmasters crowd on a real ride.

Kurupt FM – Saturday

Kurupt FM the rest are irrelevant!

If you’ve not seen the hit BBC 3 comedy show then you need to educate yourself. The pirate radio parody show that features a group of garage Mc’s also have a real life live show, which as it turns out is really phenomenal. We first caught Kurupt FM at Boardmasters 2018 and they were absolutely incredible, not to mention hilarious too. If you’re looking to skank out to perhaps some of the countries funniest people then you MUST check them out.

Pip Millett – Saturday

The Mancunian artist Pip Millett captured our hearts with her stunning single ‘Make Me Cry’, a stunning infusion of soul, R&B, chillhop and pop. It’s a sound that Pip has continued throughout all her music, including latest single ‘Slow’. It’s an infusion of new and old, bringing the glorious sounds of the sixties with a modern sensibility. What makes Pip so special is her honest songwriting and stunning vocals, that could make the hardest person melt. She’ll be one to watch at this years Boardmasters and is likely going to bring a truly memorable set.

Swim School – Saturday

Swim School blend a sound that is fresh yet nostalgic, bringing an indie sound that is heavily influenced by the 90’s grunge/slacker rock sound. It may still be early days for the band but they’re already proving themselves way ahead of their peers. This is especially evident in their most recent ‘Making Sense Of It All’ EP. Catching this young band at one of the smaller stages at Boardmasters is going to be a real treat, especially as they’re destined for mainstage success. Catch Swim School before they absolutely BLOW UP.

Molly Payton – Saturday

The New Zealander (now UK resident) had wanted to be a musician her whole life, now she lives that dream. Molly will be bringing her indie-pop sound to Boardmasters and we’re incredibly excited for it. If you’re fans of artists such as Arlo Parks, BeebaaDoobee, or Wolf Alice then you must see her.

Crawlers – Saturday

Liverpudlians Crawlers have been flying the alt-rock flag high and mighty, conquering each town they play in. They’re part of a collective that has come bursting out of the iconic British city, such as STONE (also playing Boardmasters), The Mysterines, and Courting. It’s safe to say the city is harbouring a wave of new and exciting talent. If you’re looking for a fix of rock n roll and the opportunity to see the future of rock music, then be sure to head to their set at Boardmasters 2022.

Pale Waves – Saturday

Pale Waves first found success with their triaumopant debut LP ‘My Mind Makes Noises’, a fiery collection of alt-rock\grunge tracks that captured the spirit of a generation. It’s a sound that is familiar but made for a modern audience, imagine the pop-punk sound of the early 2000’s clashing with the runge sounds of the 90’s, that’s Pale Waves. They’re another band that are going to be a true spectacle at Boardmasters, a pure rock experience matched with poignent lyrics.

Kings Of Leon – Sunday

Kings Of Leon are arguably one of the most iconic rock outfits in the last 20 years. They released their debut album ‘Youth, Young, and Manhood’ in 2003, which was quickly followed up by Aha Shake Heartbreak’, considered their best album by many fans. However, it wasn’t until the release of ‘Because Of The Times’ that the band hit mainstream success, thanks to the singles ‘Knocked up’ and ‘Charmer’. It was their fourth album ‘Only By The Night’ that made these four Southern gentleman become household names, due to the iconic ‘Sex On Fire’ single, that is still belted out across the world today. With four albums released since then and countless stadium tours they now arrive on Cornwall’s northern coast, ready to play their extensive back catalogue to 50,000 eager people. To see a band of this stature, this legendary status on the top of a Cornish cliff is rare and unique, be sure to seize this opportunity.

The Wombats – Sunday

The Wombats, like Bombay Bicycle Club are an iconic indie outfit from the U.K that has been ever-evolving their sound throughout the years. With each release the band seem to breathe new life into their sound, bringing in new elements yet still remaining true to their core indie sound. The Wombats have perfected this and their latest album ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’ encompasses this. There is no doubt in our minds that The Wombats are going to play an incredible show, playing tracks from their huge back catalogue, including their impressive latest release.

Stone – Sunday

STONE are quickly becoming one of the most iconic rock outfits from the U.K, with each release they grow, and with each live show they leave their imprint on the audience. The young band are full of pent up energy that is rage filled and splashed in angst, led forward by driving riffs and socially observational lyrics. STONE are guaranteed to blow your socks off so do yourself a favour and catch them live at Boardmasters 2022.

Lime Cordial – Sunday

These Aussie chaps have been providing the grooves since their 2017 debut LP ‘Permanent Vacation’, now fast forward a few years the band have released two more LP’s and have built tens of millions of streams. Bring your best dancing shoes for their performance at Boardmasters, you’re going to be strutting and swaying like no ones business.

The Rills – Sunday

The masters of TikTok and purveyors of the modern indie sleaze, The Rills bring their tongue-in-cheek indie sound to Boardmasters this year. After a successful string of singles and their almighty ‘Do It Differently’ EP the band are coasting through their success. This is a great chance to see one of the UK’s new faces of indie before they absolutely explode.

You should also catch the following: Ocean Alley, Jack Ferry, Self Esteem, The Bug Club, The Velvet Hands, Sam Richards & The Renegades, Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, Freya Ridings, Tom Grennan, Palace, Joy Crookes, Human Interest, Prima Queen, Michael Aldag and Max Rad.