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Upcoming pop sensation, Holte Jacques, is back with huge, positive vibes for everyone to fall in love with.

From EDM-pop to nu-disco, Holte Jacques is bringing something different to the music world.

His latest offering ‘Getaway’ shows just how talented the upcoming artist is. It’s a new way to help express himself and provides listeners a new kind of experimental music.

Many listeners will remember that one track that got them into music. This is the kind of track that brings back the memories of Holte Jacques saving up for his first synth and writing and composing at the age of fourteen. It’s that special of a track.

The upcoming artist talks about this track being therapy for him. This writer can relate when it comes to music as it helps bring the soul peace at a time where it is needed the most.

The new track is one way of bringing that peace to life. Inspirations such as The Weeknd, Pink Floyd, Taylor Swift have allowed this track and artist to be something to admire.

Speaking on the track, Holte says: “GETAWAY, for me, tells my story, or at least a small part of it. After navigating an extremely tough and challenging period of my life, this work reveals, through music and lyrics, a small piece of that journey with a happy ending. The track bridges the gap between the final episode of the box set that is my life. It also tells of the unlikely fairytale ending of that period too…meeting that special someone. There’s a huge, positive vibe to the tune that helps balance it out. I want to drive the feel-good factor.”