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Feel-good guitar licks and perfect lyricism with utter truth is what makes this banger an anthem.

The West-Midlands has always created artists that love storytelling. Jack Cattell is no different. He weaves stories of everyday life into a musical cocktail of emotions. This is why he’s an artist to listen to.

In his latest offering ‘People Like Us’ he’s able to use his addictive tunes that help listeners understand his personality and swagger within it.

He’s an artist with no issue on tackling the real problems in life. ‘People Like Us’ dives deeper into what is happening in today’s current climate and helps this writer want more from him.

Having been described as a dynamic and uncompromising artist, it’s clear to see why the talented artist is gaining so much attention.

Speaking on the track, Jack Cattell says: “This song was born out of issues that people are facing currently. The crippling cost of living crisis and controversies with those in power has lead to a widespread struggle across the country. We feel this is an anthem for the people, written by the people.”