Photography by Paul Grace

Clara Bullock
Clara Bullock

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Post-punk  duo JOHN – comprised of John Newton and Johnny Healey – have released their new single ‘Trauma Mosaic

Trauma Mosaic uses a crushed drum sample and evolves it into a shoegaze/punk track complete with distorted guitars and angry, energetic vocals. The track comes accompanied with a video, directed by Newton, aptly capturing the drama of the track.

Newton says: “If you take the title more literally: we all contain a patchwork of images sewn together from the past, and these memories are used as a map of survival within our present. These primal instincts seem overloaded nowadays, and we become open to be haunted by even the slightest reflection.

He adds: ‘Trauma Mosaic’ feels like a real testament to the ongoing journey, proving that there’s plenty of exploration even within our inherent limitations as a duo. It’s actually become our strength – helping simplify the decision making process, whilst further defining what JOHN is – in a unique sense.”

Trauma Mosaic captures the confusion and stress caused by the trauma that shapes us: “ancient, set in stone“, Newton sings. It all culminates in dissociative guitars and drums, letting the listener drift into their own thoughts.

Watch/Listen to ‘Trauma Mosaic’ here: