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Kevin Morby has announced a companion piece to his 2022 album and drops a single sharing a new perspective on themes of mortality and loss 

More Photographs (A Continuum)‘ is a “companion piece” to Morby’s 2022 album ‘This Is A Photograph, which will be released digitally on 26th May via Dead Oceans. It includes two new songs: This Is A Photograph II and Five Easy Pieces Revisited.

This Is A Photograph‘ speaks about life, time and mortality from various perspectives, so it only makes sense that he found he wasn’t “quite done with it”. 

“If ‘This Is A Photographis a house that you have been living inside of,” says Morby, “then ‘More Photographs‘ is, perhaps, the same home just experienced differently. As if you, its inhabitant, have taken a tab of something psychedelic and now, suddenly, you’ve replaced your eyeglasses with kaleidoscopes.”

Everything you once thought was familiar,” he continues, “suddenly appears differently, shifting shapes, colour and sonic landscapes.” 

This Is A Photograph II‘ sounds like a more upbeat version of its predecessor, featuring string riffs and folky percussion. It is the kind of track you want to get up and dance to. “This is where we once were / this is returning back to Earth,” Morby sings, and it seems like a comment on his development of ‘This Is A Photograph, as he comes back down to Earth.

‘More Photographs (A Continuum)’ will be released on 26th May via Dead Oceans.

Listen to ‘This Is A Photograph II‘ here: