Tavie Carey
Tavie Carey

I am a Journalism student based on the north coast of Cornwall. Having grown up a stones throw from Boardmasters , I have always been immersed in live music. When I’m not listening to my embarrassingly vast vinyl collection you’ll probably find me surfing at my local.

The Bristol based Melotone soar with stunning new single ‘Entre Ondas’, taking influence from the tropicalia jazz movements

Melotone, a psych jazz quartet residing in Bristol, are a fresh perspective for the music industry. Thier sound is deeply hypnotic and has evolved through their devotion to not only making music that sounds good, but feels good. With inspirations ranging from the psychedelic scenes of the sixties to ‘tropicalia jazz’ movements, their sound houses an experimental zen that feels deeply personal.  

Their latest single, ‘Entre Ondas’, pays homage to singer Alec Manleys Brazilian heritage. Though Alec’s band mates do not share his routes, they share his love for the sounds and scenes 60s-70s Brazilian culture. 

Yes, ‘Entre Ondas’ is sung entirely in Portuguese, but it is almost impossible not to connect with the bluesy voice that emerges above a tropical fusion of instruments played by Pete Carey (guitarist) Ant Nicklin (bass) and Ed Pearson (Drums). The outcome is not just a mellow escape, but rather a deeply meditative practice to sink into and experience.

Perhaps it is the seamless, almost undetectable blend of each instrument, or perhaps it’s the deeply calming fluidity in the way the Portuguese language is utilised. Either way, ‘Entre Ondas’, is a spiritual sound. It is an escape from the text trains on your phone, a cascading waterfall out of the hectic monotony of your reality, it is the ebb and flow we all need to stay present. 

Catch Melotone live at their single launch show on 13th December 2022 at The Cloak and Dagger, Bristol.

Listen to Entre Ondas’ here: