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Self proclaimed “moustachioed, long haired gents” P.M. Tiger share indie-pop gem ‘Catfish Motel’

Florida, USA is notorious in the UK for all the crazy headlines that appear out of the southern state, however, today we want to impress on you the Tampa band P.M. Tiger.

This collection of self-described “moustachioed, long haired gents” come forward with a deeply infectious sound that is brimming with good vibes. It’s a sound that is reminiscent of artists such as Weezer and The Strokes, particularly in the simplistic yet refreshing guitars. Listening to P.M. Tiger is like sipping an ice cold drink by the pool during a summer’s day.

Recently, the band have shared their latest single ‘Catfish Motel’, a soaring indie-pop number that is daringly infectious. It truly demands to be spun on repeat, this is not a one time listen. The track opens with a needle dropping into a record, as the crackling dissipates a modern, clear sounding vocals take lead. This is quickly backed by a solid rhythm section and steady guitars. This remains in place until the energy levels burst towards the chorus, it’s a solid wall of sound that encases the listener.

Sonically, you are truly spoint by this band, although simplistic in it’s approach, it is intensely alluring. It’s fun, easy, and most importantly, digestible. There’s little to not enjoy.

There’s no wonder that they have been backed and boasted by the likes of Plain White T’s and Gordon Raphael (The Strokes). They’re still a relatively new band and of they continue releasing music of this calibre and working on this trajectory, they have potential to explode across America, and maybe across the pond.

Listen to ‘Catfish Motel’ here: