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Emma Way
Emma Way

Songwriting graduate, music journo and sad song enthusiast based in South Wales.

Driven, habitual rhythms and offerings of twinkling guitars lead Spacey Jane’s new single Hardlightfurther into its withheld verses. 

With the release of the Aussie four piece’s second album Here Comes Everybody fast approaching the single is another offering of what we can expect. Vocalist Caleb Harper, communicating a sense of unease, finds himself with weight upon his shoulders. “I guess it’s about anxiety, but also just having no idea what I’m doing even though I want it to look like I really do” the frontman confesses.

The exuberant chorus cements the tracks within the grasps of a sing-along catchy cut title. The vocal firstly, a festival-baiting sing along style with sun-kissed harmonies, thanks to bassist Peppa Lane’s octave higher range. The rhythm section, anchoring and confident as melody drops like a flight of stairs into the main riff, which allows the track to be the indie staple it aspires to.