Photography by Adam Dom

Australian band Tropical Fuck Storm drop the wildly disorientating and experimental single ‘The Golden Ratio’ ahead of their new 12”.

Tropical Fuck Storm are known for their wildness, their manic live energy and their character that seeps into every track. ‘The Golden Ratio’ is an extreme but excellent example of that. 

The track opens with full force, with a sound that rivals black midi’s John L for the most deranged but somehow catchy riff. The riffs bend and morph throughout the track and just when you think it can’t possibly work anymore, the band somehow make you keep listening. 

The vocal performance is relentless. It’s aggressive, confrontational and confident, perfectly matching the unhinged energy of the instrumental. The group vocals towards the end of the track sound like a chant that slowly fades, like a cult on the move. 

Alongside this track, they have announced a new 12” for early next year, featuring ‘The Golden Ratio’, 3 tracks from their maxi-single cassette ‘Moonburn’ and a 19-minute Jimi Hendrix cover. 

Every sound in ‘The Golden Ratio’ shouldn’t work, but everyone does. It’s incredibly busy, incredibly chaotic and incredibly fun to listen to. 

Listen/watch ‘The Golden Ratio’ here:

The new 12” ‘Submersive Behaviour’ is out on 3rd February 2023 via Noise Recordings.