Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Keith Leaf 

The UK’s a shitstorm of bad weather and disastrous news reels, so here’s some good news for ya. Giant Swan got new music, and it comes with some strobe-heavy images to keep your eyes happy too. 

Following on from releases on Whities and Timedance labels and performances at Unsound and Berlin Atonal, the electronic outfit finally revealed details of a self-titled debut album in-the-making earlier this month by dropping new single ’55 Year Old Daughter’ on our eardrums. MMM.

Out 8th November via Keck

Musicians like object blue and UMFANG are working to make the club an inclusive space and bands like Deli Girls are scrapping the boring ol’ genre divisions by crushing together electronic noise and a punk ethos. So it’s extra nice to witness Giant Swan throwing themselves about on the bandwagon too, turning techno on its head and swapping the pretentious poker face for pure, chest-bursting abandon.

On that subject, anyone who’s kept up with the Bristol duo’s ear-splitting antics and live shows will by now know Robin Stewart’s bare chest better than their own. If you don’t, this vid’s going to educate you. Disorientating camera angles, a dingy room-full of flailing limbs and enough neons to relight the 90s. Plus Ofcom’s about to have a field day, ‘cos this video contains more flashing imagery than November 5th.

Get your eyes on the video for ’55 Year Old Daughter’:

Nothing fancy, just a whole load of sweaty fun.