By Elly Rowland 

‘First Light’ signifies the return of Obstacle, a collaboration between Annie Murnighan (Found Object), Elias Jarzombek and Amos Damroth (AJE). Obstacle was formed in 2018 as the result of numerous hours of experimentation and all three members alternating between instruments and styles.

‘First Light’ boasts deliciously haunting melodies and compositional prowess. This slow-burning, left-field techno track epitomises a level of expertise difficult to acquire, whereby the mellow nature of ‘First Light’ alongside the way the track builds so excitingly is truly something to behold. We’re immediately captured by the guitar riffs and the alluring motifs, which make us crave more – we fall victim to the familiarity of the drumbeat and the way the absence of a vocal track makes us sway. It’s a showcase of the virtuosity of Obstacle; it’s a collaboration of identities, ideas and musical journeys come together to create a track so beautifully constructed it gives you goosebumps.

Listen to ‘First Light’ here: