Words: AJ Salisbury | Header Image: Daisy Hofstetter

Aussie slacker-rockers, Pleasure Coma’s, debut single, ‘Waiting’, is a lo-fi, three chord banger. Opening with choppy guitars and rhythmic one-two drums, the track comes to life with vocalist Tasker’s horizontally laid back vocals, bathed in fuzz and echo, delivered in a ‘too-stoned to care’ manner.

‘Waiting’ is the first release from their EP, ‘Naked’, recorded entirely under Tasker’s IKEA-inspired raised bunk bed, adding to the lo-fi vibe and is based on the bands experience in the music industry. It illustrates their own frustration of always being fed bullshit and listening to execs over their own intuition, unfortunately for us we’ll be waiting for the EP to drop so we can get some more of Pleasure Coma.

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