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George Ward
George Ward

Freelance journalist based in Bristol. Can be found at the Grain Barge, Rough Trade or in his tiny basement bedroom writing for CLUNK.

CLUNK is proud to premiere the video for ‘Blame Charlie’, the brand new single from Brighton’s Trip Westerns

On Monday 10th April, Trip Westerns drop their brand new single and video for ‘Blame Charlie’ an epic and expertly controlled track.

The first section of the track is very laid back. A simple drum beat lays down the groove of the single, with tight guitar strums matching each beat. Twangy guitars sometimes flicker around, showing off in subtle ways, while the steady beat continues underneath. The vocals here are relaxed but confident, with the swagger of a Black Keys track.

Then, halfway through ‘Blame Charlie’, the energy completely shifts. After a complete pause, a distorted guitar rushes in like a swarm of wasps or a more sinister ‘Miserlou’. This gorgeously dark tone is soon joined by the rest of the band, this time far more distorted and fiery than before. This middle section is where Trip Westerns really shine, with ridiculous guitar solos and explosive drums from Ellis Dickson. 

After this glorious moment of showing off, the band drop back into that opening groove as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened at all. It is a seriously fun track and we’re really excited to share it with you.

Watch the video for ‘Blame Charlie’ here:

Catch Trip Westerns at the following:

Bodega, Nottingham – 7th April

TBA – 14th April

Green Door Store, Brighton – 15th April

Paper Dress Vintage, London – 22nd April