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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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Augustine returns with indie-pop gem of a single taken from his highly anticipated sophomore album

The Indie-pop darling from Sweden has returned with his new single ‘Mary Cookins’, a release that continues his daringly infectious dreamscape sounds. The single is the first released from the artists much awaited sophomore album, following on from his debut release ‘Weeks Above The Earth’, which received two Swedish Grammy nominations.

‘Mary Cookins’ is a retro-inspired track that could easily be played at the cabana club in the 50’s, it’s tinged in what can only be described Miami heat, a certain glow beams out. There’s a sense of fun that is felt throughout that is wildly infectious, something that makes Augustines music so alluring. The track opens with soft percussion that creates space for a wave of synths and guitar, all softly dancing around the listeners ears. Just as it comes to a conclusion the ethereal vocals of Augustine breeze through, whisking the listener away. You cannot help but invoke visions of coastal drives under the summer heat, of life in slow mo and bowling shirts with white linen suit pants.

This is a track that leaves you wanting more and is over far too quickly, Augustines songwriting skills are on full show here, boasting his ability to craft an earworm. If this is just the taste of what’s to come from album two then we are all in for a real treat.

Listen to ‘Mary Cookins’ here: