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Canadian grunge outfit Slightest Clue boast their bombastic sound with ‘Look At The Way She Goes’, taken from their debut EP

The Slightest Clue hail from the snow tipped landscape of Vancouver, Canada and bring forward a sound that blends alt-rock and grunge into one delightful package. Each member is influenced by a diverse range of music that can be heard throughout their music, particularly Sonic Youth, Bjork, and Talking Heads.

This is particularly evident in ‘Look At The Way She Goes’, taken from the bands recent ‘Twin Silver’ EP. The track opens with a jagged edged riff that creates space for the grunge inspired vocals to lead the way. Hard hitting percussion and a wall of guitars come crashing down on the listener in continuous blows, only to find itself key change to a slower pace. It’s a real tug and pull motion they create with their sound, keeping the listener on their toes. This all esculates towards the end of the track which sees a rip-roaring guitar solo burst through the noise, giving you a real rock n roll experience.

Throughout the track the energy levels remain high and it’s no wonder it’s a crowd favorite, seeing this live would be an incredible experience. You can almost envision yourself in the dark walls of your local venue whilst the band absolutely belted this out to a crowd of eager and ready rock fans.

Listen to ‘Look At The Way She Goes’ here: