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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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Norfolk based indie quintet Bag Of Cans release daringly infectious new single ‘Spin Cycle’

Bag Of Cans first formed back in 2017 in the East Anglian city of Norfolk, since then the band have become known for riotous live shows and a fusion of sleazy indie with tasty licks. Now, after a slight release hiatus the band are back with their new singles ‘Hair Of The Dog’ and the most recent release ‘Spin Cycle’.

‘Spin Cycle’ continues the bands brand of tongue-in-cheek lyricism that tackles mundanity in a hilarious manner, this is literally a song about washing machines. Who would’ve thought a song about a washing machines spin cycle could be so entertaining? Certainly not me when I woke up this morning.

The track opens with simple riff that quickly envelopes into a full blows indie classic, the percussion comes hammering down whilst the slacker vocals breeze through to the stunning harmonies. There’s elements of new and old throughout their music, with similarities to The Wombats and Sports Team. It’s a fantastic combination that is delightfully fun and infectious.

It seems the band had a somewhat break but we’re incredibly happy to see the band back and in full force. If they continue releasing music of this standard then there is no doubt they’ll be brushing shoulders with the indie elite very soon.

Listen to ‘Spin Cycle’ here: